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Now everyone can be!

Today marks a huge milestone for as we release  our first product built for marketers. Our platform's powerful social ROI measurement capabilities are now available to anyone, with no engineering work required.


What's New

Historically, has focused on building tools mainly for developers. We have hundreds of amazing customers who are using our APIs to power  social featuresinternal business intelligence, and  analytics for their own clients. Along the way, we've had lots of marketers come to us asking how they can use to measure the ROI of their social media marketing efforts. And now for the first time, we have a good answer for them: " Let us show you!"

The primary use of our platform has been tracking how the sharing by users of your site/app drives business value. The focus of the new for marketers  is tracking the full funnel — from reach to revenue — of each social post by your marketing team. for marketers takes all the attribution and ROI measurement capabilities of the platform and packages them up in a way that enables social media marketers to quantify the success of their efforts in real business terms, like traffic, conversions, and even revenue.

When we started 4 years ago, our goal was to  make social media accountable in the same ways as every other online marketing channels.  Today's state of social media marketing is more art than science. It's focused on vanity metrics and driven by qualitative best practices because social media marketers haven't been able to get the hard data on the actual business value driven by each Tweet, post, and pin. With this product, we are  arming social media marketers to be data-driven  like their colleagues in other channels like paid search, graphical media, and email marketing.

What It Can Do

There's no one-size-fits-all social media marketing strategy. Yet today much of it is dominated by discussion of generalities like the optimal frequency of posts or the best mix of photos vs links vs text. Our goal with for marketers is to enable our customers to develop strategies based on what works best for  their brand. Here's how:

  • The full funnel for each post — Reach, engagement, traffic, and conversions are all essential elements of any conversion funnel. Measuring some but not all of them can give you misleading results. And while conversions are the ultimate business goal of most marketing efforts, you also need to know how the top of the funnel influenced those outcomes. for marketers assembles all these pieces for you. for marketers – Funnel 

  • Track real KPIs — Many social media marketers have been convinced that it's impossible to tie Tweets and posts to sales and other hard business value. It's not, and that's exactly what we do. Whether you're trying to drive conversions on your own site or others, like  Gumroad and iTunes, we can show you which Tweets drove what conversions. image

  • Benchmarks for success — Our goal is to go beyond just assembling all the data you need in one place (though that's still kinda a big deal!). We want to help you find the things that work best (and worst) so you can do more (or less) of them. That's why we show you how each post is performing relative to your own historical average. image

  • Identify your audience — We track who engages with your posts and how that engagement helps you achieve your goals. Knowing who your most valuable followers are and the kind of posts that activate them enables you to better cultivate your social following. image Sound interesting? Then  schedule a demo or  ask us a question.

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