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#uStats — TV Tuesday, Top TV Shows — April 5-11, 2015

tv tuesday top tv series

Whether your chosen profession involves climbing the ladder as one of the ad industry's Mad Men, doing a late night set as a stand up comedian or arguing your point as a morally questionable lawyer, Workaholics come in all shapes, sizes and television shows. This week we looked at some premieres and finales featuring some of our favorite breadwinners, with some extra drama thrown in for good measure. We scoured the accounts of Mad Men, Shameless, Workaholics, Louie, Better Call Saul, American Odyssey and 12 Monkeys to find out which of the following got social fandom excited:

  • The unwanted advice Don Draper receives in the mid-season premiere of Mad Men

  • Fiona's relationship struggles in the finale of Shameless

  • The guys reliving their first day on the job in the finale of Workaholics

  • Louie C.K. accidentally crashing the wrong party in the finale of Louie

  • Jimmy's reconnection with an old friend in the finale of Better Call Saul

  • A female soldier who finds herself in the middle of a military conspiracy in the series premiere of American Odyssey

  • Cole and Cassandra's final confrontation in the finale of 12 Monkeys

The Social Totals

Mad Men was promoted straight to the top spot by the socialverse, accumulating over 180K engagements for a 36.7% market share. Honorable mention goes to Shameless with 152.3K reactions for a 31.0% share.

tv tuesday top tv series

Active Audiences

Interestingly enough, the biggest audiences aren't necessarily the most talkative. Here, Mad Men gets downsized to the fourth spot as Hollywood newcomer American Odyssey's audience wins this battle with 547.2 engagements per 1K users. The runner up position goes to 12 Monkeys, which received 332.3 engagements per 1k users.

tv tuesday top tv series

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