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We Applied Our B2B Expertise To Our Own LinkedIn Campaign, And These Were Our Results

LinkedIn Advertising Strategy

With an executive team who has a collective 100 years experience under their belt, and invaluable learnings gathered from running thousands of social media campaigns, it would be easy to get caught up in creating strategies for other brands and agencies. However, we decided it was time to do something a little unconventional—make our own campaign the subject of a case study, and in essence, 'put our methods where our metrics are. Here's what happened.

The Power Is In The Platform

After developing a complimentary, downloadable content packet, our chief objective, as with most B2B brands, was to generate quality leads to feed into our sales funnel. In order to achieve this, we needed to leverage a powerful platform that could help us do three main things:

  1. Reach a sizeable business-minded audience to identify and engage senior-level marketers who are focused on social media marketing
  2. Test a variety of ads, each of which had a different mix of copy and creative
  3. Get in front of these marketers whether they were at their desk or on the go (i.e. mobile)

In the end, there was only one platform that could accomplish all three components to get us to our end goal of appropriating high-quality leads, and that was LinkedIn. We developed a customized application of LinkedIn's dynamic Audience Expansion targeting to multiple Sponsored Update ads to significantly outperform campaign benchmarks.

Unmatched Measurement

Understanding how our content was shared, and where our leads were coming from was also extraordinarily important to the overall success of our campaign. Leveraging our own technology to track multi-generational and Dark Social (i.e. sharing by copying and pasting links into email, social posts and more) engagement, we were able to analyze the full network of activity and exactly how our leads were coming in.

Click below to read the full story in our case study, How We Used LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Dark Social Tracking To Make B2B Conversions Skyrocket:

Case Study Series

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