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#uStats — Movie Monday, Top Box Office Hits, Sept 18-20, 2015

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While movie enthusiasts shoveled out almost $14MM more to watch the top movies this weekend, it would seem as though they weren't as in the mood to post, comment or tweet about them. With 60% of the movies in last week's top 5 replaced, newcomers Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Black Mass, and Everest, joined The Perfect Guy and The Visit as the topmost monied films to pull in a grand total of $82.3MM. But with a 9% drop in social activity, we wanted to uncover the full story of Facebook and Twitter. Here's what we found:

The Social Totals

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials battled through its box office debut to bring in the most revenue ($30.3MM) and social reactions, amounting to 182.6K engagements for a 43.4% market share. Horror thriller The Visit also did well, scaring up a total of 166.9K engagements to take the number two spot and a 39.7% market share.


Active Audiences

If most to all of the engagements generated come from a very small number of people, one can deduce that while volume is high, the audience as a whole is not very active. When we look at the social engagement through this lens, it was Black Mass's fans and followers that took out the competition, generating 588.9 engagements per 1K users. The Visit also performed strongly in this category, locking down the runner up spot with 231.5 engagements per 1K users.


Movie Monday, Top Box Office Hits, Sept 11-13, 2015

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