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#uStats — Movie Monday, Top Box Office Hits, Oct 9-11, 2015

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Movie-lovers were in the mood to run away with their imaginations over the weekend, with 81.7% of the $89.0MM in box office revenue generated stemming from fantasy flicks. Even with stories of an unplanned, extended adventure on a hostile planet to a new take on a tale about a orphan boy who refuses to grow up, both revenue and social reactions seemed to dip substantially compared to last week. We scoured through Facebook and Twitter engagements for The Martian, Hotel Transylvania 2, Pan, The Intern and Sicario to get the scoop on the social performance of these top-grossing films.

The Social Totals

As it turns out, it took a little trans-galactic suspense to really rile up the socialverse, with The Martian taking off in front with 30.5K engagements for a 46.1% market share. Meanwhile, the lovable monsters of Hotel Transylvania 2 check in at second place with 15.7K engagements for a 23.8% market share.

Active Audiences

Getting a lot of engagement volume is one thing, but we also look at how the engagements are deployed across the social audience as well to determine their level of activity. In this case, Pan had people nostalgic for Neverland with 267.7 engagements per 1K users. The Martian manages to land in second place, accumulating 165.0 engagements per 1K users.

Movie Monday

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