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#uStats — Movie Monday, Top Box Office Hits, Oct 23-25, 2015

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With Halloween less than a week away, consumers clearly wanted to get in the mood for the spookiest holiday of the year by watching tales of the supernatural on the big screen. Moviegoers immersed themselves in the heart-stopping suspense of 4 thrillers and a monster-themed animation film, making The Martian, Goosebumps, Bridge of Spies, The Last Witch Hunter and Hotel Transylvania soar to the top of the box office by raising $62.6MM in ticket revenue. But did the nail-biting plots on-screen translate to big reactions online? We analyzed the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for these movies to find out.

The Social Totals

For the first time since it's release about a month ago, Hotel Transylvania booked the most likes, comments, shares, retweets and favorites with 21.8K engagements for a 49.9% market share. Top 5 newcomer The Last Witch Hunter seemed to also have social under its spell, generating 10.7K engagements for a 24.4% market share.

Active Audiences

Volume is one thing, but how do all those reactions relate to each account's audience size? In this category, Bridge of Spies's tale of Cold War espionage was able to accumulate 260.6 engagements per 1K users. The Last Witch Hunter was right on its trail however, taking the runner up spot to hunt down 259.9 engagements per 1K users.

Movie Monday Social Media Stats

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