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2016: The Year of Marketing Transformation Jason Beckerman, CEO, Unified

2016: The Year of Marketing Transformation Jason Beckerman, CEO, Unified

Written By: Jason Beckerman, CEO and Co-Founder at Unified

December 10, 2016 - Nearly five years after co-founding Unified, it’s an honor to assume the CEO role. With 2016 around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts with our employees, customers, and partners.

The marketing industry is at an inflection point. The world’s largest brands are investing more than ever, with social - and more broadly, digital - at the top of their minds and budgets. The data generated from these investments has become the ultimate tool in the CMO arsenal, yet the complicated supply chain of agencies and other vendors leaves that data siloed. In some cases, brands don’t have access to their marketing data. In the worst case, they may not even own it given inherent complexities in the setup of many of their relationships. This leaves value extraction from that data nearly impossible.

Unified’s vision of unifying all marketing data was born partly as a result of my product background in financial technology and CRM. I grew up in the rapidly-evolving financial services industry before my time as an early employee at Salesforce.com watching the beginning of the SaaS era unfold. The marketing industry is going through a similar disruption now. My co-founders and I knew that software - not ad tech, but true enterprise software - could transform the way that marketers own, unify, and analyze their marketing data.

Software doesn’t make beautiful presentations that tells marketers what they want to hear. Software drives real business results by telling marketers what decisions they need to make to maximize their investments. These business results offer value that extends well beyond the CMO’s office to empower many functions across the organization including sales, product, operations, and finance. By not democratizing access to these powerful data sets, organizations are leaving a ton of upside on the table.

Data collection isn’t the only opportunity for marketers. With increased marketing investment, efficiency and cost savings are top of mind in the C-suite. The marketing industry is truly the world's largest unregulated economy. It’s riddled with black box mechanics, kick-backs, and double dipping on fees. There are duplicative functions between - and even within - vendors, with few industry standards around investments made and little transparency in the results of those investments. Global brands spend billions of dollars within this flawed ecosystem, and until brands have the data, visibility and control they need to make better decisions, the situation will only get worse. Empowering marketers to take control of their supply chain is an unbelievable, untapped opportunity.

Unified is well-known for our advertising services business, which invests hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of the world’s largest brands, via a team that executes better than anyone else in the industry. We’re continuing to invest in that thriving business, which is a key partner to the Fortune 500 and their agencies.

At the same time, we’ve been quietly building one of the best engineering teams in the marketing data and analytics industries. The work that they’ve been doing is incredible, and the SaaS products that we’ll be rolling out in early 2016 will be game-changing for CMOs.

Transformation is around the corner, and I am privileged to be at the helm of an organization leading the charge.

Jason Beckerman
CEO and Co-Founder, Unified

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