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Unified Social Media Solutions

Written By: Rick Martira, Vice President, Marketing at Unified

February 17, 2016 - As we approach the fifth anniversary of Unified’s founding, the value that we bring to Fortune 500 customers is evolving and expanding. Our social advertising services business is thriving and closed out 2015 with a record year. The investments that we’ve made in our software organization are paying off with product offerings that will change the way that the Fortune 500 manages their marketing investments. Big news is coming in the coming weeks!

Today, we’re introducing the all-new Unified website, including our new logo, corporate colors, and our tagline: “Data, together.®” These elements of our brand identity reflect the energy, optimism, and passion that Unified has for the power of data, software, and services to drive Fortune 500 marketing success.

We invite you to take a look around, contact us with your feedback, and stay tuned for more information coming as Unified changes the way that Fortune 500 companies and agencies drive marketing success in the context of their business goals.

Rick Martira
VP, Marketing, Unified

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