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3 Effective Social Media Campaigns To Try This Quarter

Written By: Rashida Boyd, Senior Marketer at Unified

Q3 Social Media Campaigns

It’s about that time where beach BBQs cool down and fall television premieres heat up. We’re talking of course about Q3, which for many brands marks the beginning of when customers start loosening their grip on their cash as we make a beeline towards the holiday shopping season. It’s also the time for the almighty social strategy brainstorm session—where the brave throw out newfangled ideas on how to reach goals and the bravest attempt to reinvent the wheel. However like anything else, when it comes to social media advertising, there are some tactics that have more promise than others. So to save you the tedium of typing “new social media advertising features” into a Google search bar, we’ve identified three “must-run” campaign types you can start with.

1. Kill Two Platforms With One Budget: Facebook-Instagram Integration Campaigns

What happens when an innovative social network with 1.7B monthly users combines its promotional power with a cutting-edge mobile app with 500MM monthly users? We’d like to think an advertising angel gets its wings. What the Facebook and Instagram integration means for you dear marketer, is that all of sophisticated targeting, ad units and features are virtually the same for both platforms. But before you run this type of dual-deployed campaign, you will need to better understand what the differences are between them so you can optimize your emotional connection with each audience. Here’s your 30 second crash course:

About The Audience Facebook Instagram
Who They Are (In General) Reach practically anyone Largely millennials & gen Z females
What Needs Do They Fulfill Empowerment, recognition, connection Fun, relaxation, discovery
What They Use Them For During Big Events Opinions and reactions An “insider’s perspective”
Why They Use It Connecting with family and friends Following celebrities, escapism, inspiration
Their Price Sensitivity Higher Lower

Tip: You will be running the same creative and targeting on both platforms for this type of campaign, so make sure that your visuals and copy appeal to the needs and preferences of both groups. For example, give them something to react to while simultaneously providing a sense of getting an exclusive or behind-the-scenes look.

2. Supercharge Your Chatter: Twitter Conversational Campaigns

From the Emmys to the Olympics, rest assured there will be plenty of users turning to Twitter to talk pop culture, politics and TV programs. What you may not know however, is that the ‘Bird has a breakthrough way for you to start some chirping of your own, and that’s through conversational ads. The ad unit, which features a unique call to action highlighting a hashtag of your choice, is a clever way to either create tweetversations around your brand, or alternatively around your brand and a notable event. Available as either a photo or video placement, conversational ads pre-populate your brand message within the tweet composer with your chosen hashtags—all with your desired creative attached. Once a user tweets, a thank you message is displayed and the tweet appears in the timelines of their followers.

Twitter Social Media Campaign

Tip: When it comes to a use case, the sky’s only as high as your ingenuity. For brands looking to piggyback off of all the pivotal events going on, one example may be a clothing brand using it to generate chatter around which celebrity on the red carpet wore their accessories better.

3. Bringing Home The Budget: Local Awareness Campaigns

A little personalization goes a long way, with 40% of Americans citing personal relevance as the primary reason they click on ads. While there are many ways to customize ads, but one that is often underutilized is location or geo-targeted ads. Facebook’s take on this type of initiative is the local awareness campaign. In essence, this placement allows you to choose between targeting users within a distance from a specific address or based on a geographic area. Then add in whichever call-to-action calls to you—get directions, call now, send message or learn more. Don’t write this off as only for retailers and restaurants however, brands can get creative (cough, did someone say Pokémon gyms? cough). Target around concert locations, sports arenas or even schools for that ever important back to school campaign you’re working on.

Tip: Keep an eye out for Facebook’s native store locator, which helps people binge on your business by navigating them to the nearest store (or other type of) location.

Local Social Media Campaigns

With any of these campaigns, having a strong service team and clear business goals are imperative. Interested in learning more about social media? Sign up for our monthly newsletter today.

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