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A 5 Minute Social Media Video Ad Tutorial For 4 Leading Sites

Written By: Rashida Boyd, Senior Marketer at Unified

Move over photo and link ads—video has been crowned the new king of advertising formats on social media. As the biggest area of innovation, we’ve seen Twitter announce that users can now watch their favorite football games in-app, Facebook launch a fully immersive video experience and Pinterest introduce promoted video… all this year alone. Americans seem to be fully on board and hungry for new ways to consume content, with an estimated 215.1MM users racking up on video views in 2016, 152.1MM of which are watching on their phones. If you’re one of the 65% marketers that think social platforms are the most important media for digital video campaigns, you’ll need to catch up on the basics quick. We’ve put together 13 fundamental things you’ll want to know for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

As social channels continue to launch new advertising units and user experiences, we only expect this area to grow like wildfire in the near future. What are your social video advertising questions? Tweet us your thoughts @Unified.

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