Imagine you walk into a doctor’s office knowing something is off, but are told “you’re fine” without an explanation. Would you accept that diagnosis—or look for a second opinion? In 2018, brands are finding themselves in this exact situation with their social advertising.

During this webinar, Unified’s VP of Marketing, Rick Martira, will explain the scary reality most brands are experiencing; they don’t really know how their social advertising is performing. What they need is a second opinion from an unbiased third party.

In a quick 30 minutes, Martira will explore the new concept of social advertising “health checks” and how they empower brands to succeed. Imagine—a half hour that will transform your social advertising business.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How brands are unintentionally putting themselves at risk
  • Why you need to uncover the good, bad, and misguided facts about your social advertising performance
  • Which facets of your social advertising performance are on a must-know basis
  • How you can ensure your investments aren’t at risk