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How This Major Movie Studio’s Zombie-Themed Facebook Video Ad Was Used To Make Fanship And Awareness Skyrocket

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We all know the feeling—the disappointment we feel when we wait too long and the movie we wanted to see is no longer playing in the movie theater. That’s because on average, a film in the U.S. has a release window of 3 months or less, leaving marketers with the challenge of gaining a lot of awareness in an excruciatingly short amount of time. For this particular film, The Major Movie Studio wanted to achieve two main goals. First, to gain awareness for the zombie-themed film by promoting the movie trailer, and second, to gain as many fans as possible. To accomplish this, they needed to utilize an ad unit that could incorporate video with the appropriate and desired call-toaction.


For companies seeking to increase their Facebook fanbase with more dynamic creative, Video Like Ads are perfect option for combining the power of video with a strong call-to-action to encourage Facebook page likes. In a world where zombie obsessions are as prevalent as the common cold, The Movie Studio had a great topic to generate a lot of interest, but also quite a bit of competition as well. Working with Unified’s Facebook experts, The Studio was able to devise a strategy that would generate the greatest awareness among zombie enthusiasts while accumulating page likes. Some of the most impactful components were as follows:


The Major Movie Studio wanted to reach young, new fans. To accomplish this, marketers kept targeting simple by honing in on the 17-25 age group and purposely leveraged exclusion targeting to ensure that they didn’t waste any budget on users that were already acquired.


The Studio was able to repurpose content that they already produced for the promotion of the movie (i.e. the trailer) to spread the word about the impending release, while encouraging page likes through a call-to-action button.


58% Lower Cost Per Like Compared To The Historical Benchmark*
94% Decrease In Cost Per View Compared To The Historical Benchmark*


For brands looking to repurpose video content to increase awareness and page likes, Facebook Video Like Ads are very effective. This is especially true in the case of entertainment, where the shelf life of an event, movie or show is substantially shorter than it would be for a product or service. Companies can leverage this unit to attain their objectives while substantially driving down costs.


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