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Instagram Was Able To Supercharge This Leading TV Network’s Campaign Engagement Rate To Over 27%

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Let’s face it, America loves superheros. So much so, that it’s become rather commonplace to turn on the television and find supernatural humans with impossible talents that everyday people dream about. So how can a Leading TV Network build enough excitement and awareness to make what’s ordinary become extraordinary again? That was the challenge faced by marketers, and as it turned out, the answer was much simpler in essence then it seemed—try the untried. Instagram, a passionate platform of over 400M users with it’s own distinct community outside of Facebook, offered an initial few the opportunity to be among the first brands to advertise on their social channel. The Top TV Network worked with Unified’s social media specialists to build a strategy to create, deploy and track a campaign that promoted their new superhero-themed program.


The nature of this campaign was straightforward, aiming to achieve maximum awareness and engagement within a 24-hour period. Using Instagram’s video ads, the show’s main characters were featured in a clean, minimalist fashion, with merely a simple hashtag and tagline to increase intrigue. One of the linchpins of the campaign was the ability to target arguably the most die-hard superhero fans on the planet: Comic-Con enthusiasts. The other was successfully leveraging their Facebook following on Instagram.


To appeal to superhero aficionados who have high potential to have interest in the show, the Network coordinated their campaign with their panel presence at Comic-Con San Diego.


The Network was able to identify their Facebook fans who were on Instagram to reach an audience that already has a built-in interest in the show’s plotline.


Additionally, The Netwrok’s strategy included the audiences interested in similar Sci-Fi shows whose fanbase was closely aligned to their own.


Although the campaign featured video posts, the application of it in the creative was uncomplicated, coming off as partially animated photo than traditional video. The simple take on creative was coupled with compelling action-themed music to emphasize appeal.


27.4% Engagement Rate
$0.03 Cost Per View
91.3K Comments, Likes and Video Views


Instagram’s community was highly engaged in this campaign for several reasons. First, the ad didn’t look like one. The subtle approach conveyed the feel of an entertainment program preview, which eliminated the barriers usually encountered by advertisers. Second, the targeting mix was built in such a way that the ads reached online users and Comic-Con connoisseurs who had an extremely strong interest in superhero content. And lastly, finding Facebook fans on Instagram ensured that The Network was able to effortlessly increase their reach to users who have already expressed interest in their show specifically.


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