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VICE Efficiently Optimizes Thousands of Ads On All Social Channels Using The Unified Platform

The Unified Platform

Manage your social media campaigns by day, so you can live your social life at night.

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All Your Campaigns On All Channels Organized In the Way You Want

Put the days of manually piecing together cross-channel campaigns together behind you. Need to know how your entire social marketing budget is spending for key marketing initiatives such as new product launches or live event activations? No problem—The Unified Platform enables brands to roll up their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest campaigns to a business initiative.


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Winning The Race To Pace

Unified’s intuitive, easy-to-use pacing dashboards gives marketers the ability to see the budget spend status across all campaigns at a mere glance. With simple color-coded visualizations, social media buyers can instantly determine which campaigns are marked green for on target spending, yellow for overspending and red for budgets at risk of underspending.


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PHD-Level Campaign Optimization With Elementary-Level Effort

60% of marketers spend a minimum of 4 hours a week trying to determine cross-channel campaign performance and optimization. With Unified’s “set it and forget it” advanced optimization is not only uniquely sophisticated, but increases performance for brands by 40% on average.


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Get 15 Hours Of Your Life Back

Unified has power tools with the potential of saving you from the seemingly unending manual tasks that social media buyers face each month. A few clicks of the mouse in our platform can transform having to individually refresh creative or take screenshots of all placements on all platforms for all your ads into a quick and painless experience.


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Exceptional Intelligence To Inspire Better Decisions

Whether it’s analyzing social posts, understanding how you stack up against competitors, or analyzing content trends, Unified can help you transform your data into marketing intelligence to enable better business decisions.


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Bring Your Relationship With Your Audiences To The Next Level

Marketing audiences are rarely “one size fits all”, and can vary by brand, brand family and product. Know exactly who each of your audiences are so you can identify critical affinities, important trends and uncover intelligence that can enhance advertising efforts across all marketing channels.


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Your Marketing Dream Team, Connected For Better Communication

Although brands manage numerous internal teams, agencies, partners and vendors on a daily basis, a whopping 80% are not confident in their ability collaborate. The Unified Platform connects all teams to enable better decisions and ensure everyone is reading off the same playbook.


[ Transcript ]

VICE, a global leader media, had a major social marketing challenge to solve: how to amplify the right content, at the right time, to the right audiences across their entire brand portfolio. More specifically, how to help their teams figure out which of their tens of thousands of articles they should advertise, and how to drive the best performance possible from them.

By using the Unified Platform, VICE teams were able to exceed their goals by solving for 5 critical business needs. With effortless account syncing, the platform’s cross-channel organization feature empowered VICE’s teams to operate in the way they normally plan, allowing them to group their line items by many key business initiatives. These additional layers of organization coupled with the ability to share specific line items with team members saved hours of time logging into multiple systems.

VICE also leveraged Unified’s “set it and forget it” PHD-level campaign optimization, which provided better performance for hundreds of individual ad sets throughout the year. While the platform’s easy-to-read pacing dashboard gave team members an instantaneous look into how campaigns were performing and how much budget was in danger of missing important goals. This allowed them to save over 100 hours per month on what would normally be painful manual tasks, by giving them the ability to instantly refresh creative and download screenshots across thousands social posts they leverage each month.

When the time came to report on performance and gain deeper insight for future planning, VICE used Unified’s real-time reporting to gain intelligence about paid campaigns, organic posts, competitors and audiences. As a result, not only was VICE able to surpass their goals, but their initiatives were so successful that budget from average-performing channels were reinvested in social. Unified, data together.


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