Do brands truly own their social advertising data? The answer may surprise you.

In fact, nearly sixty percent of marketers report that they have partial to no transparency into social advertising campaign performance. In this study, we uncover how industry leaders view data ownership, who the stakeholders are, and gaps marketers are experiencing between perceived and true transparency.

“I think data ownership is becoming an increasingly important part of any MSA or contract, and I think it will become a key part of every transition plan.”

Matthew Pritchard

Matthew Pritchard

VP, Digital Marketing

Campbell Soup Company

Report Sections Include:

  • A Majority Don’t Have Or Don’t Know If They Have Guaranteed Data Access
  • Key Capabilities Marketers Want To Achieve With Data Ownership
  • Discrepancies Emerge Between Perception And Application Of Transparency
  • Considerable Gaps In Reporting Can Be Tied Back To Data Ownership

And much more.