What is Unified?

Unified is a data and intelligence solution designed to bring clarity and control to social advertising. We give your access to the information and intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your social advertising investments.

How can Unified help my brand?

With different teams, tools and partners handling different aspects of your social advertising, you don’t have ownership, access or transparency into your own data. This puts your social advertising investments at risk. We can help you take back control.

How can Unified help my agency?

Nowadays brands typically divide their social advertising amongst different agencies. This makes it hard for you to know where your agency stands within the bigger picture. – leftover from incorrect previous approach It also hard to know which of your campaigns are doing well. All of these factors can affect your bottom line.

We can help your agency:

  • See all of your clients data, even when it doesn’t fit under your umbrella
  • Pull benchmark reports must faster for your clients
  • Improve results with automatic budget reallocation
  • Stay one step ahead with real-time campaign pacing

What services does Unified offer?

Unified offers:

Managed Advertising Services:

Leave your social advertising up to us. We can manage your campaigns all the way from pre-launch to final analysis. You’ll have a team of specialists twice the size of the industry average at your disposal, from Strategists to Account Managers to Media Buyers and more.

Data Services:

Extend your own resources with our data experts. We can analyze your data and provide invaluable insights facts and intelligence you need to empower and grow your business. Or, let our teams to handle the heavy lifting, cost and burden associated with building custom solutions in-house.

What is Data Ownership?

Most brands do not own their own data. It’s disconnected across various tools, channels, teams, agencies and even geographic regions. Without ownership over your data, you are making decisions based on incorrect and incomplete information.

What is Transparency?

Direct visibility into any level of your business (company, brand, portfolio, market, partner, social channel, etc.), teams, and tools to understand exactly what is working and what isn’t.

What is Performance?

With control and clarity over your social advertising, you can make informed and intelligent decisions for your business. You’ll eliminate waste and get better results than you ever anticipated.

How long does it take to get my data into the system?

Unified pulls all data directly from the platform, usually in a matter of days. All you have to do is sync your social advertising accounts into the Unified platform and we do the rest.

How hard is it to implement the Unified platform?

Our Customer Success Managers will onboard you and your entire team to help you get up to speed quickly and easily. We work with you to collect and connect all of your data so you’re getting the most out of the platform, which is interoperable with any buying tool.

How much time will Unified save me?

Consider all of the time you spend on manual tasks - sifting through data, pulling information from different teams and tools, creating reporting spreadsheets, manually optimizing campaigns. The list goes on. Unified automates all of those unnecessary tasks for you. We make it easier for you and your teams to get your work done.