How Brands Benefit From Having A Music Account (Versus Only A Primary Account) On Social Media

While the phenomenon of brands using music (celebrities or otherwise) in their marketing has been around long before #YOLO was a thing, it can be challenging trying to quantify just how having a music strategy translates into a measurable benefit. However, it’s clear that companies are still willing to bet big bucks in this arena; as many continue to spend millions on celebrity endorsements, specialized music branding or even creating their own record labels. For this edition of music monthly, we decided to analyze Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Vans to see how their main accounts compared to their music focus accounts on social media. More specifically, to find out if there are differences in how social audiences engage with the content, depending on the brand positioning. Here’s what we found:


Social Totals

We measured each brand’s accounts against their music-focused counterparts for the month of May. Mountain Dew VS. Green Label (their record label), Red Bull VS. Red Bull Music Academy and Vans VS. Vans Warped Tour. As to be expected, in the case of Red Bull and Mountain Dew the main accounts generated a significantly higher amount of engagement than the music accounts—each contributed to a 97.4% and 90.8% market share respectively. Interestingly enough, we saw the exact opposite scenario with Vans, where the music tour accounts generated more than 6.6K more reactions than the main accounts, which lead to a 93.5% market share for the brand. Overall, Red Bull’s main accounts got the most engagement of all the brands, with over 460K engagements last month.

Active Audiences

While one can expect that the general brand accounts would have a higher volume of engagements than their music accounts, we actually saw a different story altogether when comparing how active the audiences were. In all three cases, the music accounts had substantially more reactive audiences, ranging from 6 to 17 times the engagements per 1K users as their main account counterparts.

Takeaways For Social Marketers

When it comes to social media and music, brands have a tremendous opportunity to use the passion people have for their favorite tunes to create highly receptive and engaged communities that rival that of the main accounts. Utilizing both organic and paid components, video and links, music seems to be an effective strategy to find brand influencers and advocates.

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