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The World's Largest Social Media Network

With user counts in the billions, Facebook has the world’s largest social platform for advertisers. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Unified is dedicated to creating effective solutions in Social Ad Technology and Media Buying across verticals such as Auto, Retail, CPG, Entertainment and more. We are also proud to be a recipient of two Facebook Innovation Awards for excellence in Facebook marketing advancements.


The World's Largest Information Network

In 140 characters or less Twitter was able to revolutionize the way people around the globe communicated on social media. As a Twitter Official Partner, we’re proud to have helped global brands and agencies in CPG, Auto, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Travel and more transform millions of advertising dollars into high-impact social campaigns.


The World's Largest Professional Network

With 94% of B2B marketers distributing content on LinkedIn, the network has become the go-to social resource for business professionals globally. As a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner with a focus on advertising, Unified uses our direct access to the Ads API to help marketers programmatically buy, manage and report on Sponsored Updates campaign performance at scale.


Capture And Share The World's Moments

Instagram is the fastest growing major social network with a unique community of passionate users with a love for fashion, celebrities, design and inspiring content. As an Instagram Ads Partner, our customers were some of the first brands to receive access to the Instagram Ads API, driving amazing campaign performance in a curated brand-aligned environment. Unified will continue to work with marketers and their agencies to drive mobile campaign engagement and conversions.


A Network To Discover And Share Everyday Interests

With over 100 million users strong, Pinterest has reinvented scrapbooking and content discovery, empowering users to discover everything and anything they may be planning or doing. As a Pinterest Marketing Partners (PMP) for Pinterest, Unified will be one of a select few to receive access to the Pinterest Ads API, which allows us to enable brands and their agencies to drive engagements and off-site traffic through Promoted Pins.


The World’s Premiere Mobile Sharing App

Snapchat has proven to be an industry leader, with more than 60% of 13-34 year olds creating and sharing photos, videos and stories on their platform almost daily. As a Snapchat Partner, Unified will work with some of the biggest brands and agencies to cultivate effective and creative mobile campaigns that exceed their social media advertising goals.


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