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"Mapping marketing supply chains as commercial graphs gives brands insight into where their time and money are being invested and where breakdowns that can cost millions of dollars occur. More importantly, as CMOs are finally given intelligent tools that allow them to aggregate, normalize and leverage their marketing data, they'll be able to detect, analyze and remedy inefficiencies across their commercial graph."

Advertising Age Best Places To Work Award

“Our bet has been that owning the social advertising ecosystem would provide the right enterprise visibility to help the greater marketing and procurement office, given social advertising is where the majority of new digital dollars are going.”

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“It’s time for the marketing industry to deliver power built on social network’s native functionality, not compete with it–and for marketers to ask their vendors if they are truly innovating, or just catching up.”

“The team at Unified is leading the charge to bring big data and analytics to the CMO’s office.”

“The Unified platform, which is launching with anchor customers AB InBev, American Honda, NBC and VICE among others, has four software modules that provide compelling benefits to marketing executives, brand managers, and social media buyers.”

“Unified aims to bring data together from a variety of marketing channels, an approach contrasted with other social marketing companies that are mere “point solutions.”

“Unified customers like VICE and American Honda need a full scope on marketing intelligence that spans O&O, third-party socially distributed content and systems like CRM (as well as a tool to “democratize” the data across various agency workflows).”

“Campaign automation technology from Unified, a digital marketing company, produced more than 1,000 individualized videos that targeted an array of audiences with differing tastes. Lexus was able to reach the younger consumer base it wanted through Facebook's audience segmentation capabilities.”

“It is obvious that those who embrace big data and analytics will gain a competitive edge, while those that don't will see their market positions slip as they fail to compete.”

“These new partners are a huge help — not just because they’re focused on social, but also because they bring their large lists of massive enterprise customers.”

“Digital channels that reach people in real time are key to marketers, since they now understand that the world moves at the speed of the feed and that consumers look at information in real time—or not at all.”

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