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NEW YORK — November 9, 2016 — Today, Unified celebrates the growth of Pinterest’s Marketing Partners program to better help marketers harness the value of the platform. Unified integrated the Pinterest Ads API in September 2015 to help advertisers throughout their planning, buying, optimization and measurement processes. Since then Unified has integrated the Pinterest Ads API into its premier Unified Platform, allowing customers to launch, enhance and report ROI on their Pinterest marketing investments.

Pinterest will be expanding its third-party marketing partner ecosystem in order to cover a broader range of marketing needs and goals. These changes will cater to the current market demand for more sophisticated marketing solutions. The new program will help businesses drive even greater efficiency, scale and performance with their Pinterest campaigns.

Companies in the Pinterest Marketing Partner program have expertise in at least one of four specialties — measurement, audience, advertising and content marketing — to help marketers meet their objectives. Unified has been badged for advertising, the sector that helps brands enhance their Pinterest advertising with features like customer list targeting and actalike audiences.

"Since we originally launched the MDP program, both Pinterest and our marketing partner ecosystem have grown immensely. Pinterest's user base has grown over 50%, and our world-class partners have played an instrumental role helping brands connect with their audience.” said Michael Akkerman, Head of the Marketing Partners program.“We’re excited to launch our new Marketing Partners program to provide even more support to advertisers who use Pinterest to achieve their business objectives. Our new specialties and expanded partner ecosystem will ensure that all marketers are able to reach new heights of success and new growth on Pinterest."

Given the changes, Pinterest is also renaming the program. It will now be called the Marketing Partners program, replacing the previous Marketing Developer Partners program.

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Unified delivers technology and services to connect marketing data sets and optimize investments across the customer journey. Unified’s software empowers Fortune 500 companies and agencies to drive marketing success in the context of their business goals. The Unified Platform transforms fragmented marketing data into actionable intelligence and real-time activation. Unified has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. For more information, visit www.unified.com or follow @Unified on Twitter.


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