Unified Launches Software Division With Fortune 500 Customers

April 4th 2016

New Unified Platform Delivers Advanced Marketing Intelligence That Accelerates Customers’ Revenue Streams

Enterprise Software Veteran Shawn Douglass Appointed President of Unified’s Software Business

Unified, an award-winning marketing and analytics technology company, today unveiled the Unified Platform, the flagship product from the company’s new Software division. The Unified Platform helps marketers transform fragmented data into information that saves time, drives performance, and boosts the bottom line. Unified’s software division launches with anchor customers AB InBev, American Honda, iHeartMedia, NBC, and VICE, among others. Enterprise software veteran Shawn Douglass has been appointed President of the company’s Software division and will continue to serve as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

“VICE is blazing a trail for brands to sponsor content in a transparent and effective way,” said Mike Germano, Chief Digital Officer, VICE. “The Unified Platform helps our internal teams understand our audience, maximize the paid and organic reach of our clients’ sponsored content, and enables everyone involved to use the data generated from initiatives to drive marketing success with control, visibility, and intelligence.”

Data, together.®

“Marketing leaders are investing more in data and technology than ever before. The marketing ecosystem has become incredibly complex, making it impossible for companies to continue using manual solutions to understand and extract value from the data created by their investments,” said Jason Beckerman, CEO, Unified. “The Unified Platform provides industry-first capabilities for CMOs to aggregate, normalize, and enhance the data exhaust from marketing initiatives, empowering better investment decisions and maximizing ROI across their entire marketing supply chain.”

Unified Software Solves Marketers’ Biggest Challenges Over $120 billion will be spent on marketing technology by the year 2025, according to a recent Foundation Capital study. Marketers face an increasingly complex environment of fragmented data, disparate tools and an ever-growing number of marketing channels to manage. Traditional solutions to this problem have been a mix of manual and unsophisticated point solutions that require extremely high setup and maintenance costs. The Unified Platform provides advanced marketing investment management and analytics capabilities that bring together both marketing data and teams to achieve business objectives.

“To date, no one has taken a true enterprise software approach to managing the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in marketing every day,” said Shawn Douglass, President, Software and CTO, Unified. “The Unified Platform introduces true enterprise-class software architecture with clear data ownership and portability to an industry that has traditionally suffered from substandard security, uptime, and data integrity.”

The Unified Platform is launching with four software modules that provide compelling benefits to marketing executives, brand managers, and social media buyers:

  • Investment Manager helps marketers exceed advertising goals and easily understand performance on paid media investments in a fraction of the time they’re spending now
  • Social Marketing Intelligence enables marketers to easily discover content trends, understand how they stack up against competitors, and analyze the effectiveness of their social strategies
  • Audience Intelligence integrates existing CRM and audience data with social data to enhance marketers’ understanding of their core audiences and create identity-based marketing strategies to impact consumers’ actions and brand perceptions
  • Connected Intelligence unifies a brand’s marketing supply chain in a single platform, enabling transparency across agencies and publishers with more efficient vendor and partner management
  • The Unified Platform is available immediately. Complete information on the Unified Platform is available here. Customers are welcome to request a demonstration and see how Unified can transform their marketing efforts. Click here to download a white paper detailing how Unified’s investment management capabilities can save brands hundreds of hours per month.

About Unified

Unified delivers technology and services to connect marketing data sets and optimize investments across the customer journey. Unified’s software empowers Fortune 500 companies and agencies to drive marketing success in the context of their business goals. The Unified Platform transforms fragmented marketing data into actionable intelligence and real-time activation. Unified has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. For more information, visit https://unified.com or follow @Unified on Twitter.