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Campaign Automation Services

Make Impossible Campaigns Possible

A Custom-Built Solution For Complex Campaigns

Cross-Channel Social Media Tactics

Automation can open up a world of potential that allows marketers to implement intricate social campaign tactics at scale.

From quality assurance to end-to-end development, Unified’s consultative approach will ensure you receive a well-designed solution that drives real business results.

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Cross-Channel Social Media Tactics

Social Media Advertising Experts

Your Vision, Powered By Top Industry Experts

Social Media Advertising Experts

Avoid hefty resource costs by leaning on the experts behind numerous award-winning automations to scope and construct your custom solution.

Unified’s team of data professionals has worked with some of the leading brands worldwide and specializes in bringing fragmented campaign components together.

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A Proven Track Record For Success

Real-Time Social Analytics

Unified's Campaign Automation Service Team has successfully served as the foundation for customers like Lexus and Southeast Toyota, who needed the capability to apply their strategy to hundreds, if not thousands of ads simultaneously.

Working with Unified experts, Southeast Toyota was able to standardize content across hundreds of regional franchises, while Lexus effectively deployed thousands of hyperpersonalized ads.

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Real-Time Social Analytics

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