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Managed Advertising Services

Effective Strategies, On Demand

Social Advertising Strategy, Execution and Support

Keeping up with the latest social ad units, targeting and tactics is more than a full time job.

Unified is always on the pulse of the most effective strategies and will recommend the best targeting, flighting and more to get you to your goals.

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Social Media Strategy, Execution and Support

Social Media Campaign Analysis

Uncover Campaign Do’s And Don’ts

Social Media Campaign Analysis

Your campaign may come to an end, but what you can learn from them are just beginning.

The Unified team provides a comprehensive analysis which covers key learnings and recommendations.

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Real-Time Executions At Anytime

Social Media Campaign Time Saving

Not all social campaigns work within a 9 to 5 timeframe.

Unified’s experts will manage the ins and outs of your campaigns at all times, even during live events or weekend executions.

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Social Media Campaign Time Saving

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