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Investment Management

Your No-Hassle Headquarters For Social Ad Campaign Performance

Unified Platform Social Media Dashboard

Long gone are the days where brands have one campaign on a single social media site—marketers today need efficiency.

Unified provides a central command center for cross-channel, real-time social media ad monitoring.

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Unified Platform Social Media Dashboard

Real-Time Social Media Data Analytics

Winning The Race To Pace

Real-Time Social Media Data Analytics

From the moment your social ad campaign flight begins, you’re in a race to get the best results without wasting a single budget dollar.

Unified’s intuitive visualizations let you know at a glance which campaigns are over or underperforming.

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Redefine Your ROI With Custom KPIs

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Performance can be subjective—defined differently for each company, brand or product.

Unified gives you the flexibility to create your own custom KPIs for next-level reporting in context.

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Facebook Advertising Platform

social software solutions

PHD-Level Optimization, With No Diploma Needed

social software solutions

Optimization doesn’t have to be tedious or complex to be successful.

The Unified Platform automatically reallocates your budgets to drive the best possible results, increasing performance by 40% on average.

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