30 Second Symptom Checker

Check all symptoms that apply to your current condition.


Data Disconnection

Due to multiple teams or partners creating ad accounts

Which platforms are you advertising on? (select all that apply)


Partner Paranoia

Acute nervousness from limited transparency into the intricacies of all agency, tools, and/or vendors

How many partners or teams do you have?


Vertical Vertigo

Dizziness from attempting to understand how key campaign strategies should differ by industry

Which vertical(s) best describes your business?


FOMO Complex

The Fear Of Missing Out on a complete picture of your social advertising

Which of the following reporting challenges do you have?


Investment Anxiety

Overwhelming anxiety from limited transparency into critical social advertising investments

How much do you approximately spend on social advertising per year?


Your Prognosis: Based on the complexity of your social advertising, there is a high probability that you may have a severe case of Social Advertising Frustration (SAF). Similar advertisers have experienced:


Lost Performance

$ in missed savings annually

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Similar advertisers have left $ or more annually in potential performance savings on the table without improving pacing, optimization, targeting and creative.


Lost Time

 hours lost on manual tasks monthly

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Similar advertisers have saved  hours or more per month on manual tasks.


Supply Chain Insufficiencies

$ spent on fees & incomplete reporting across  ad accounts annually

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Similar advertisers are paying as much as $ annually in unknown fees. Similar advertisers are making decisions based on incomplete reporting from as many as  ad accounts created on their behalf annually.


Ideal Investment

Better results by investing $ annually post-Social Advertising Frustration (SAF)

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In the event that Social Advertising Frustration is cured, advertisers in your category should be investing approximately $ on social this year to ensure the highest level of performance.

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