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Find Out Your Social Advertising Transparency Score Across Your Social Advertising Portfolio

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Are you able to see which budgets, across all your campaigns, are live and which ones are in danger of over or underpacing in real-time with just a few clicks?

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Can you log into one platform to access a single view of campaign performance at any altitude across all brands, creative, audiences, teams and tools?

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Are you able to effortlessly share any level of real-time intelligence about your social advertising with your teams (i.e. brand teams, creative agencies, etc.) to share the critical learnings and information you need to make better decisions?

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In just a few seconds, is it possible for you to load and/or export a report showing your benchmarks by channel, brand and campaign type that you know?

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Do you have one system where you can easily connect in, manage and refresh all your data and brand connections across the 6 major social networks (i.e. LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)?

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