Unified for Agencies

Social advertising is complicated. Varying tools, teams, strategies, and resources can make it hard to get a complete view of your agency portfolio. Our intuitive data and intelligence platform gives you clarity and control over your agency investments, helping you manage your teams, and creating better campaigns for your clients.

Data Ownership

Effortlessly connect data from all of your teams and get a cohesive, complete view of your agency’s entire social advertising portfolio. In real time, know how much is spent on any given day, campaign, or brand.

We can help you:

  • Ensure complete data alignment across your agency
  • Connect data from any and all buying tools of choice
  • Map your data to your agency - groups, departments, teams, functions, etc.
  • Transform disorganized data into useful knowledge
  • Strategically share data with your clients or partners
  • Gain insight into which campaigns or strategies are performing the best

Top 3 Data Challenges for Marketers

source: eMarketer 2016
Data challenges for marketers


Disconnected strategies, tools, and channels can stop you from understanding what’s really going on with your agency’s campaigns and how budget is being spent.

We can help you:

  • Gain transparency across your agency’s entire social advertising portfolio
  • Understand exactly what your agency spends on social and how it is performing
  • Get a holistic view of all buying tools across your teams
  • Give your teams total transparency into the campaigns they run
  • Get deeper audience insights for enhanced campaign planning

Over 2/3 of Marketers State They Have Little Transparency Into Their Social Ad Performance creating an industry with a $50MM blindspot.

Money and magnifying glass


Fragmentation makes it difficult to understand which teams, tools, and campaigns are performing, and even more challenging to successfully report on it. To even scratch the surface requires countless hours of manual tasks that should be reinvested elsewhere.

We can help you:

  • Drive more performance for your clients
  • Eliminate manual budget adjustments with our Optimizer
  • Easily identify which campaigns are working and which need attention
  • Provide intelligent pacing so your teams can react to real-time budget and KPI trends
  • Find opportunities for improved operations and put a stop to redundancies
  • Save countless hours with easy-to-use reporting templates, instead of stitched together spreadsheets

Buying Teams Using Our Optimizer See An Average Performance Increase of 30%+ Without Any Manual Tasks

Control room


Managed Advertising

Empower your teams to do what they do best - provide strategy and deliver on client goals. Lean on us to fill any gaps, big or small. Whether you need assistance with planning, pre-launch or all the way through to final analysis, we have someone with the right expertise to help you. You’ll have access to a team of specialists twice the size of the industry average from Strategists to Account Managers to Media Buyers and more.

  • Maximized Performance Using the Unified Platform

  • Thousands of hours of experience

  • Experts in social who can show you how to be one too

  • Dedicated strategies focused specifically on your objectives

  • Advanced analysis and insights

AR tablet scene

Data Services

Extend your own resources with our data experts. We can analyze your data and provide the intelligence you need to empower and grow your business. Or, let our teams handle the heavy lifting, cost and burden associated with building custom solutions in-house.

  • Custom Investment Reports

  • Custom Audience Reports

  • Custom Campaign Automation

  • Data Auditing and Quality Assurance

  • Data Integrations

  • Talking

    Data Consulting

The Unified Difference

Connect data from all your buying tools and teams without changing a thing
Unified enriches your data and allows you to control who can access it
Make your social advertising investments work for you