Unified for Brands

Fragmented data is wreaking havoc in social advertising. You’re left making critical decisions based on incomplete information, which ultimately puts your social investments at risk. Our intuitive data and intelligence platform gives you access to the information you need to make informed decisions about your social campaigns.

Data Ownership

Gaining control over your data is critical to success when multiple teams and partners are working on your brand, Once your data is connected to our platform, you own it, forever - even if you change agencies or partners.

We can help you:

  • Ensure all of your data is completely under your control, at your command
  • Collect and own all of your data from any tool or team, without changing how you buy media
  • Transform raw data into useful intelligence at all levels of your business
  • Eliminate incomplete information and the need to rely on campaign wrap up reports from your partners
  • Decide who can access which parts of your data

Each Brand Has 52 Ad Accounts ON AVERAGE

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Without transparency into your own social advertising, your investment is at risk. You need to know how much is being spent and who’s spending it.

We can help you:

  • Know your spend, goals, and risks
  • See which teams are getting the best results
  • Hold partners and agencies accountable
  • See how campaigns are performing in real time
  • Understand your audience better

On Average 42% of Each Programmatic Dollar Was Spent on Nonworking Media MEANING IT WENT TOWARD TECH OR AGENCY FEES.

Source: Association of National Advertisers
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Social advertising is constantly changing. Without accurate data, it can be impossible to make informed decisions. Don’t let your performance suffer because you don’t have the knowledge you need.

We can help you:

  • Improve performance with real-time pacing and custom KPI tracking
  • Put a stop to waste and redundancies
  • Ensure your agencies and partners are making the most of your investment
  • Make better decisions based on real facts and figures
  • Eliminate manual tasks and increase performance with machine-learning optimization

With More than 1/3rd of All Display Dollars Being Spent on Social, IT’S CRITICAL FOR YOU TO MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE IN THIS ARENA.

Source: Axios
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Managed Advertising

Empower your teams to do what they do best - provide strategy and deliver on client goals. Lean on us to fill any gaps, big or small. Whether you need assistance with planning, pre-launch or all the way through to final analysis, we have someone with the right expertise to help you. You’ll have access to a team of specialists twice the size of the industry average from Strategists to Account Managers to Media Buyers and more.

  • Maximized Performance Using the Unified Platform

  • Thousands of hours of experience

  • Experts in social who can show you how to be one too

  • Dedicated strategies focused specifically on your objectives

  • Advanced analysis and insights

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Data Services

Extend your own resources with our data experts. We can analyze your data and provide the intelligence you need to empower and grow your business. Or, let our teams handle the heavy lifting, cost and burden associated with building custom solutions in-house.

  • Custom Investment Reports

  • Custom Audience Reports

  • Custom Campaign Automation

  • Data Auditing and Quality Assurance

  • Data Integrations

  • Talking

    Data Consulting

The Unified Difference

Connect data from all your buying tools and teams without changing a thing
Unified enriches your data and allows you to control who can access it
Make your social advertising investments work for you