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4 Emerging Social Advertising Trends, How Social Ensures Ad Dollars Are Never Wasted, & How To Succeed With Standard And Custom KPIs


In this issue of Unified Quarterly Magazine, we discuss the concept of “The New Social Complex,” which focuses on the often underestimated topic of meaningful measurement. Our carefully curated collection of articles, how-tos, and case studies explores how you can make sense of your powerful social media data—and exactly how to use it to your advantage.

First, our CEO, Jason Beckerman explains four major trends emerging in the industry and how to leverage social media so you never waste another ad dollar again. Then, we jump to a couple of case studies that illustrate real-life success stories of brands that were able to achieve this level of efficiency. Then we finish up by explaining the intricacies of social media advertising KPIs and custom metrics that can easily be leveraged in your next ad campaign.

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