2017 Q2 Social Media Quarterly | Unified | Data, together.

The Current State Of Social Media Advertising, Using Enriched Data To Maximize ROI, & Five Reasons Pinterest Is Perfect For App Marketers

Unified's Quarterly Magazine | Q2 2017 Edition

You crushed Q1, so what’s next? Q2, of course. We know it’s hard to follow social advertising’s rapid changes, so we’ve rounded up all the critical industry trends and the leading stories in social media business intelligence—just for you.

In this issue of Unified Quarterly Magazine, we’ll walk you through the current state of social media advertising, the definition of enriched data is and why you need it, and how a brand centralized data from 13 countries. We’ll finish up by describing how a brand discovered unknown attributes from both 1st and 3rd party audiences, and the magic of mobile app advertising on Pinterest.

Social Media Advertising Quarter 2 Booklet
Social Media Advertising Quarterly Q2 Cover Q2 Quarterly Table of Contents Data Enrichment Definition Pinterest May Just Be A Mobile App Marketer's Dream Opportunity

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