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The Age of Transparency

Watch this brief video presentation of our webinar, where Unified’s marketing chief, Rick Martira, explores how marketers are struggling to have the transparency they need to answer simple questions like how much they spent across all social media networks, brands, teams? In just 30 minutes, Martira shares findings from the recently released report, The New Age of Transparency, And the Business Intelligence Tipping Point for Social Advertisers, and uncovers just how brands can start making sense of their data.


graphic for 50% of marketers info kludge

of Social Marketers refer to their data as “a kludge,” in that their data can be “labor intensive and error prone”


graphic for 51% of marketers no transparency

of marketers have little to no transparency into which solution is working best (e.g. buying tools, partners, etc.)

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Rick Martira The Age of Transparency Webinar Presenter

Rick Martira
VP, Marketing

With over a decade of experience in digital advertising and marketing, Rick has extensive knowledge in emerging media and creating effective marketing strategies for global brands. Rick joined Unified in 2011, where he currently serves as VP of Marketing, and leads all product marketing, content and marketing strategy for the company. Prior to his time at Unified, Rick worked for some of the top advertising agencies including MediaCom, Omnicom and Digitas, where he deployed successful campaigns and strategies for brands such as Delta, Hasbro, Electronic Arts, Ghirardelli and more.


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