Who is Unified?

Unified is the most comprehensive technology and full-service solutions provider in the social advertising ecosystem.

We exist to maximize your investments.
How do we do it? Simple, we combine:

Expert Services + Operations Platform
+ On-Demand Insights Platform.

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What does Unified Offer?

We give your data purpose by providing context and clarity. By providing better intelligence you get deeper insights into your business and the ability to turn budgets into investments.


USuite is a our intuitive performance and insights platform that gives you access to the information you need to make informed decisions.

USuite Includes:

  • Access to the Insights Platform
  • 2 Configured Dashboards
  • Insights RoundUp

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USuite Pro

USuite Pro is a complete social advertising solution created for media execution with a focus on performance.

USuite Pro Includes:

  • Superior Expert Services: A dedicated team of industry specialists with defined roles.
  • Access to the Insights Platform
  • 2 Configured Dashboards
  • Complete Operational Execution

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UTarget provides a deeper perspective into what makes your audience unique.

UTarget Features Include:

  • Access to the UTarget Dashboard
  • Audience Segmentation
  • One audience analysis per quarter

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Jack in the Box, Lionsgate, Cathay Pacitific, Toyota
Intuit, Cox Media Group, Mercedes Benz, Hilti
LVMH, Lexus, iHeart, Groupon
Starbucks, Honda, Air New Zealand, The Media Kitchen

The following global companies have all gained clarity and control over their social advertising with Unified.

"Unified makes my life easier. Their Investment Dashboard gives me complete access into all of our brands’ social advertising initiatives, making it easy to track the results of our social investments in real-time.”

Mike Nolan Head of Social Media at The Hershey Company

"Unified’s expertise has helped us drive tremendous success. We’ve been able to establish invaluable collaboration between the many teams that work on our campaigns, effectively reducing inefficiencies and delivering more value to our clients.”

VP, Media Director
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Our company culture is just as impressive as our award-winning software. We’ve been named as one of the “Best Places To Work” by Ad Age and Crain’s three years in a row.

We believe in making the industry better for the people who work in it (including our own employees). We love what we do and, for us, transparency, collaboration, and innovation are part of our DNA.

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