The uLEAD Program

At Unified we believe you should never stop growing, learning and leading, which is why we started the Leadership Empowerment And Development (uLEAD) program. uLEAD fosters an open workplace community open to both men and women, specifically designed to educate and encourage female employees to pursue their highest career ambitions with confidence.

We’ve read books, listened to speakers, organized workshops, participated in networking events, watched TED Talks, held peer panel discussions, created mentor programs, and designed an internal awards program to recognize those that are actively striving towards gender equality in the workplace. uLEAD aims to embolden female leadership by creating open communication, improving productivity, increasing retention and attracting top industry talent.

Ulead Program

Our Goal:

To encourage female employees to pursue their highest career ambitions with confidence.

Our Mantra:

uLEAD, Because Others Will Follow.

Past Participants

Past Topics

Diversity Beyond A Tick Of The Box

How Female Executives Are Helping Their Companies Make Positive Impacts

Diversity And Inclusion: Fostering An Inclusive Environment

Girl Power: If You Can See Her, You Can Be Her

Next-Gen Equality: How We Should Navigate Gender & Diversity Issues In The Digital Age

Working Like A Woman: The Pros & Cons Of Advising Women To “Be More Like Men” To Succeed

Update Your Corporate Profile: Hairstyles And Headshots

How To Speak Up For Yourself

Is It A Gender Issue Or A Caregiver Issue?

Just Not Sorry

How To Effect Change In The World Today

5 Personas Every Career Women Should Balance To Be Successful

Women's Financial Health: Empower Yourself

Strong Women, Powerful Financial Strategies

Workshop: Managing Up And Down

Workshop: Tackling Risky Conversations And Fear

Workshop: Know Your Value And Communicate Your Worth

Workshop: Building A Professional Persona

Workshop: Demystifying Networking

Young Professional Bootcamp: Nail Your Mid-Year Performance Review

Peer Panel: Why Gender Equality Is Good For Everyone - Men Included!

Peer Panel: Toxic Masculinity: Redefining Traditional Stereotypes

TED Talk: The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get

TED Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

TED Talk: My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything

TED Talk: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

TED Talk: Why I'm Done Trying To Be Man Enough

TED Talk: It's Time For Women To Run For Office

Join some of the most respected names in the industry by becoming a panelist, speaker, workshop leader, or corporate partner.